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2021 Online World Contest

UPDATE: Registration for Sport Trick Ladder (only) is extended until November 7th. Due to the pandemic and the inability to meet in person, we will have the world contest again online.The deadline to register is October 31st. The deadline to upload videos is Sunday, November 7th, 2021, local midnight. The award ceremony will be Saturday ….  Read More

2020 Annual General Assembly

The ITSA’s annual virtual General Assembly will take place from Saturday December 19th until Sunday December 27th. If you are a full ITSA member you will be able make proposals, vote and even run for office. A specific board for the assembly will be created on the forum that will be visible to current ….  Read More

2020 World Champions

Open (unrestricted) Freestyle Division:1- Guillem Vizcaíno (Spain) 2- Kanta Tani (Japan) 3- Gerardo Montero (Mexico) Traditional Freestyle Division:1- Brian Felipe Gaspar (Colombia) 2- Guillem Vizcaíno (Spain) 3- Herney García (Colombia)

Video Submission Deadline

A total of 99 competitors from 22 countries have registered for the 2020 ITSA World Spintop Online Contest. Deadline for submitting videos is October 25th.

2020 World Spintop Online Contest

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the World Contest in Budapest has been moved to next year. In it’s place we are going to hold a World Spintop Online Contest. Two world titles will be given: Open Division Freestyle and Traditional Top Freestyle.