2021 World Online Contest

This year the World Spintop Contest will take place online due to the pandemic.
The titles will be official world titles certified by ITSA.
Registration Deadline: October 24th, 2021
Submission Deadline: November 7th, 2021
Award Ceremony: November 13th, 2021

Previous World Contests

2020 World Online Contest

2020 – Online
Freestyle Championship:
1st Place: Guillem VizcaĆ­no (Spain)
2nd Place: Kanta Tani (Japan)
3rd Place: Gerardo Montero (Mexico)
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2019 – Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Freestyle Championship:
1st Place (tie): Jose Madrigal (USA)
1st Place (tie): Eli Erickson (USA)
3rd Place: Takahiko Hasegawa (Japan)

Jose Madrigal (USA)
Eli Hickerson (USA)

2018 – Shanghai, China
Freestyle Championshiop:
1st Place – Kanta Tani (Japan)
2nd Place – Jun Shimamura (Japan)
3rd Place – Takahiko Hasegawa (Japan)

Kanta Tani (Japan)

2017 – Reykjavik, Iceland
Freestyle Championshiop:
1st Place – Jakub Konecny (Czech Republic)
2nd Place – Daniel Konecny (Czech Republic)
3rd Place – Jose Madrigal (USA)

Jakub Konecny (Czech Republic)

2016 – Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Freestyle Championshiop:
1st Place: Chris Neff (USA)
2nd Place: Eli Erickson (USA)
3rd Place: Takahiko Hasegawa (Japan)

Chris Neff (USA)

2015 – Tokyo, Japan
Freestyle Championshiop:
1st Place: Jorge Alcoz (Uruguay)
2nd Place: Kazuhito Miki (Japan)
3rd Place: Keita Watanabe (Japan)

Jorge Alcoz – Tao (Uruguay)

2014 – Prague, Czech Republic
Freestyle Championshiop:
1st Place: Tyler Young (USA)
2nd Place: Daniel Konecny (Czech Republic)
3rd Place: Jakub Konecny (Czech Republic )

Tyler Young (USA)

2013 – Orlando Florida
Freestyle Championshiop:
1st Place: Gustavo Castro (Mexico)
2nd Place: Tyler Young (USA)
3rd Place: Salvador Martinez (Mexico )

Gustavo Castro (Mexico)

2012 – Orlando Florida
Freestyle Championshiop:
1st Place: Carlos Solis (Nicaragua)
2nd Place: Brian Caster (USA)
3rd Place: Mark Hayward (USA )