A. Eligibility
1. Any player in the world can compete. Registration to compete is free but competitors need be members of ITSA or one of the affiliated national associations. Membership fee will be waived to those that request it because of economic hardship. Players can compete in one or both freestyles but if they freestyle they cannot compete on the Sport Ladder.

2. Players need to register as competitors at least 2 weeks before the contest deadline.

B. Deadline
Players will upload online their videos before the deadline of Sunday, October 25th, 23:59 UTC/GMT.

C. Divisions
There will be the following divisions, provided that a minimum of 5 competitors enter each one:
1- Open freestyle (world title)
2- Traditional top freestyle (world title)
3- Sport trick ladder

D. Video Upload
1. The freestyle performances or the ladder tricks will be recorded from a single camera in landscape format in one continuous take and with live sound. The quality should be good enough to see the tricks clearly.
2. One performance per player (per division entered) will be uploaded to Youtube.com or Vimeo.com and published so it has a day stamp before the deadline. But it is recommended that it remains “unlisted” until the deadline. A video for the Traditional division can also be entered on the Open division.
3. Competitors should send a link to the video to the Review Panel before the deadline. Several ways to contact the Review Panel will be provided.
4. The official logo should be printed and placed somewhere in view of the camera. If this is not possible it can be replaced by a sign saying 2020 World Spintop Online Contest.

E. Open Freestyle Rules
1. It consists of a 3-minute duration freestyle to music.
2. Any spinning top will be permitted, including fixed-tip, bearing-tip and one-way bearing tip, as well as over-sized tops. The number of spintops used or available for back-up is not limited, but the player cannot exit the view of the camera to retrieve them. All tops used must be wound by the player, no assistance will be permitted.

F. Traditional Top Freestyle Rules
1. It consists of a 3-minute duration freestyle to music.
2. A traditional top should be used, defined as one with the body made of solid wood (not hollowed) and that has a fixed tip made of metal. Some other variations that are traditional, such as a metal weight ring for komas, are acceptable. The competitors should send pictures of their traditional tops for approval by the Review Panel. Modifications of the shape of the tip are allowed. The number of tops used or available for back-up is not limited, but the player cannot exit the view of the camera to retrieve them. All tops used must be wound by the player, no assistance will be permitted.

G. Sport ladder
1. The player will try to complete as many tricks as possible from the official ladder trick list available here.
2. Will perform the tricks in order and needs to complete a trick to pass to the next one.
3. Will have up to two misses forgiven. On the third miss the ladder is finished.
4. The players will not take more than 15 seconds between tricks.
5. Can change tops between tricks but has to use a fixed tip when the trick rules require it.

H. Freestyle Judging
1. The review panel will first determine if the freestyles are of the minimum quality required for a World contest, and that they don’t break any rules, or for any reason cannot represent the contest (including inappropriate lyrics in the music). Competitors found at fault will be disqualified and not be part of the judging.
2. The freestyles that are not disqualified will be posted by ITSA on its website no later than three days after the upload deadline.
3. The review panel will select 10 freestyles from each division as Finalists.
4. The freestyles will be judged from these videos by the fellow finalists. Finalists must review the other 9 Finalists from his or her own division.
Each finalist will provide a ranking of the best 5 freestyles from the other finalists  from his or her own division (but not his/hers): 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. No draws.
6. The organizers will calculate the score for each ranking as follows: 1st =  8 points, 2nd = 5 points, 3rd = 3 points, 4th = 2 points, 5th = 1 points. The scores will be added and normalized, so a total score of 100 will correspond to being 1st in every ranking.
The two World Champions will be the players who get the maximum score in each of the two freestyle divisions.
7. The performances should be ranked accordingly mainly to difficulty and quantity of tricks completed, originality and overall quality and interest of the performance. It is assumed that the competitors will be the best qualified to compare the quality of the freestyles.
8. The competitors should send their rankings, to the Organizers within 3 days after the freestyles are made public. Not providing rankings of the other players will disqualify the competitor in that division.
9. Competitors should not share their ranking, including with other competitors, until the results are announced. The rankings provided by each competitor will be made public at that time.

I. Sport ladder judging
1. The completion of the tricks will be verified by judges assigned by ITSA.
2. The highest trick completed is the score of the player.
3. Of two players with the same highest trick completed, the one with the highest first miss will win.
4. If two players are still tied after 1 and 2, the one that completed the tricks in less time (from first throw to completion of last trick) wins.
4. If the players continues the ladder but the judges determine that the trick was not completed successfully, it’s the decision of the judges if the following tricks are considered, as long as the player had a free miss remaining. In that case the trick will be substracted from the final score, but not from the total time, and a miss will be added.

J. Award Ceremony
The award ceremony will take place live on Saturday October 31st at 13:00 UTC (7:00 Los Angeles, 15:00 Paris, 23:00 Tokyo).
At a minimum, trophies and medals will be sent to the first 3 placements in each division. The organizers may announce other prizes.

K. Situations not covered by the rules
The Review Panel, selected by ITSA, will make decisions on situations not covered by these rules.