Divisions in which you will compete:

    You can enter more than one division, but you cannot enter the Sports Ladder Division if you enter any other division.
    Open Freestyle (World Championship Title)Traditional FreestyleSport LadderWomen FreestyleYouth Freestyle (13 years old or younger on October 31th, 2021)

    There is no fee for entering the competition, but you have to be a member of ITSA. You can become a member or renew for $10 usd here:
    https://spintops.org/membership/ (you can use Paypal or a credit card)

    Are you a current full member of ITSA?
    YesNot yet, but I will register or renew soonI request a waiver of ITSA membership due to economic hardship
    Note: You have to be a full member. If your membership has expired and needs renewal, you will be notified.